19. The release_reservation method

If a reservation is no longer required, and will not be purchased, then it may be released using this method. Reservations will be released automatically after a certain time period, but this method can be used to pre-empt this if a transaction is explicitly rejected. The naming of the method is somewhat inaccurate, however, as a successful return merely indicates that the order is no longer reserved. If this method is called on a purchased transaction then no action will be taken and a successful result will be returned. Similarly if it is called on a transaction which has already been released. A failure from this method is highly unlikely and will indicate some kind of problem with the underlying infrastructure.

19.1. Required inputs

The only required input is the “crypto_block” generated by “make_reservation”.

19.1.1. Example input


19.2. Output data

The output consists of a single element named “released_ok” which contains either a “yes” or “no”. A “yes” value indicates that the transaction is guaranteed to no longer be on reserve. A “no” value indicates that the operation could not be performed, though it may be re-attempted at a later time.

19.2.1. Example output


19.3. Potential failure codes

  • 1 - the supplied crypto block was not generated by
  • 2 - the requested “mime_text_type” was not a supported value