4. Glossary

Show or attraction in a specific venue. ex. Lion King at the O2 Arena
Specific show on a specific date and time. ex. Lion King at the O2 Arena on Saturday 24th of September at 7:30pm
Backend System
Ticketing System or system TicketSwitch connects to to get, reserve and purchase tickets.
Ex. National Theatre, XYZ Arena, Globe Theatre, etc.
It’s a just collection of venues. It could be an area within a city, a city, a country, etc.
Ticket Type
ex. Dress Circle, Front Stalls.
Price Band
Price group within Ticket Types. Ex. £34 + surcharge. Price band Id is called Band_Token
Client API’s username provided by TicketSwitch. It’s unique per Client and has its own setup and products that are allow to see and buy.
Client API’s password provided by TicketSwitch. see user_id
Any of the events that are available through the TicketSwitch platform.

It’s token for authentication and information passing between clients and TicketSwitch. CryptoBlock are encrypted and should not be altered in any way.

CryptoBlocks are provided by the system as part of a flow. They change on every step of each flow*

Available Events
Events that are available for booking. Because of the nature of the industry TicketSwitch could return (on search) events that are not available. i.e. sold out by the venue in the last minute.
(Also API Client) Any company/individual that uses TicketSwitch systems through our API to search and sell tickets.
Price Band
Collection of seats with the same price setup by the Backend System
Ticket Type
The Class of ticket one could buy. Ex. for thearte would be type of seats: i.e. stall. upper circle, Tour with Lunch, Tour without Lunch, etc.
Event Token
Event Identifier.
Band Token
A token to identify the event, performance, ticket type and price band for the purposes of creating an order.
Organisations that run enterntainment events and offer tickets to the public and Ticketing Agent. Examples: Theatre Groups, Independent Venues, Tour Providers, etc.
Tickets are assigned exclusively to a Ticketing Agent to be sold.
Live Inventory
Tickets are available to all Ticketing Agent to be sold.
Ticket Agent
Organisation responsible for selling and update inventory of tickers.
Ticketing System
Software the Suppliers use to manage their inventory of tickets usually with other functions they need to run their business: accounting, reporting, etc.