1. Introduction

1.1. About Ticket Switch

TicketSwitch has been in operation for over 10 years enabling more than 7.5 million ticket transactions. Our solution connects live ticketing systems through to a wide range of electronic sales channels.

On one side the ticket supplier is able to increase distribution at reduced costs, whilst on the other end the customers can purchase tickets right up until the event begins.

TicketSwitch has already connected a wide range of distribution channels across the world with a huge combined database of potential customers.

Live inventory

TicketSwitch don’t get you an allocation to a block of tickets at the back of the theatre, or the last few discounted tickets to attractions. It connects you right into the ticket offices very own LIVE inventory.

1.2. About TicketSwitch API

TicketSwitch API allows you to:

  1. Find available events filtered by location, date time, venue, etc.
  2. Search live availability of tickets on multiple supplier ticketing systems through one standard API
  3. Reserve tickets on supplier ticketing system in real time
  4. Purchase tickets
  5. Process certain types of payments (depending on your setup)

1.3. How to get access to the API

Please contact info@ingresso.co.uk to request credentials to access our API

1.4. Brief Introduction to Ticketing

  1. Tickets are offered by a Supplier
  2. Suppliers use Ticketing System to manage their inventory
  3. Tickets are sold by Ticket Agent at 1) box offices, 2) phone or through 3) Internet or through 4) another party
  4. Some suppliers could offer tickets on Allocation or Live Inventory
  5. Different Ticket Agent have different setup for payments: they could take the payment themselves, use a payment gateway or use the setup of Ticketing System they have agreement with.

1.5. About This Documentation

The purpose of this documentation is to explain all you need to use our API. It’s a work in progress. Please report any typo or error to tech@ingresso.co.uk